How Two Introvert Designers Found Their Voice and Each Other

It's hard to say when this all began. It may have been the first time I took crayons to the coffee table or when I first flipped through an Ed Emberley book. The fact is I've been illustrating and designing all my life but it officially became my profession about 8 years ago.

But of course it wasn’t all lollipops and unicorns. Working a typical 9 to 5 as an in-house designer gave me experience, but not fulfillment. As an introvert it’s difficult getting your ideas to the forefront. It’s a big pill to swallow that your education and experience are overshadowed by those with the biggest voice.

Together with my husband we love to craft and create —our wedding was full of more projects than you can imagine (including 3D printing, sewing, and Fimo!). They were all met with great success and admiration.

We realized building our own thing was more fulfilling than building someone else’s. The frustration of not being heard pushed us to find our voice and express it.

And that’s when our dream of building our own business began. Our shop doesn’t sustain us (yet!) but it makes room for watercolour bunnies and candy cane patterns where our day jobs never could. It also gives us the freedom to design products we think people will actually like.

Maybe it’s not the perfect happy ending, but we’re following our passion. So maybe, just maybe, it is the perfect happy beginning.

We hope you enjoy the shop! Please do say hello.

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